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Just look at them. You know they are getting second glances with those fabulous spectacles. Make yourself a spectacle, in a good way...and let us help. Go from geek to chic with our array of designer specs.

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Ready to look great in a new pair of specs?

Let’s start with knock offs. If you value authentic high quality product be forewarned, the majority of product found on the internet is fake. The illegal knock off industry has quickly become more profitable than drug trafficking. Knock offs from Ray Ban to Chanel are flooding the internet, yes even if purchased on Amazon, even if shipped with original packaging and warranty cards. The only way to ensure your purchase is authentic, buy directly from authorized dealers. You guessed it, Studio Optix only carries authentic product. If you are a poser, please buy from the internet but do not bring your junk to us when it breaks.

It's all in the details...

VB : 757-428-3206

Suffolk : 757-934-2422