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Let's make this is simple as possible, the answer to a very often asked question is NO.

and here's why....

Do you accept my insurance?

Here are your answers:

1- they will charge more for the products, so

after your “insurance discount” you are still paying full price


2- they will cut corners, either in the quality of your frames and or lenses, or by hiring less experienced (less qualified) employees.

Almost every year insurance companies bid out your policy to whoever will agree to supply exams and glasses at the cheapest price. All eyewear providers have expenses incurred to operate (salaries, rent, utilities, etc.) As insurance companies continue to squeeze the profit out of business, where do you think these providers will turn to cover the cost of operating their business?



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The caveat  disclaimer:

If your insurance provider has

"out of network" benefits, we can talk.

VB : 757-428-3206

Suffolk : 757-934-2422

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